Azerbaijan Covid-19 Updates


Last updated on 23/08/2022

The health and safety of our residents and visitors is of utmost priority and the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan is working closely with the World Health Organization to monitor and limit the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19).


Citizens and residents of Russia, Türkiye, the United States, Bahrain, the UAE, Great Britain, Israel, Hungary, Qatar, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Slovakia, Greece, China, Estonia, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Croatia, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Brunei, South Korea, Chile, Ecuador, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Maldives, Mexico, Morocco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Norway, Oman, Panama, Salvador, Uruguay, New Zealand, Jordan, Cyprus, Ukraine, Romania, Belarus, Albania, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Columbia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Peru, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Venezuela, Bulgaria, Bhutan, South Africa, Guatemala, Lao, Lebanon, Mauritius, Egypt, Myanmar, Nepal, Paraguay, North Macedonia, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam are able to travel to Azerbaijan by air under the following conditions:
submission of an official document issued by the relevant country (COVID passport) on complete vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 for passengers over 18 years of age
Restrictions on travelling to and out of Azerbaijan by air or land are in force until the 1st of November 2022, except for cargo and charter flights.
For more information on available flight options, please visit the official website of Heydar Aliyev International Airport –
Border officials are taking necessary steps to disinfect land border crossings.

Travellers are advised to carry additional supplies of necessary medication in carry-on luggage.

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