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Safety in Azerbaijan

Welcome to one of the safest countries of the world – Azerbaijan!

The capital city of Baku and country itself is one of the safest in the world. We can surely say that you will not have any issues with our hospitable people during your trip.

Anyway, we have some tips for you to go around.

1. We recommend you to ask our representatives estimated prices for taxis. Drivers may charge higher than standard fees. Alternatively, you can use taxi services like Uber or Bolt to see the prices before your trip. We suggest that not to ask for pennies as change, it’s traditional tipping for taxi drivers.
2. Try to have some cash always on you out of Baku. Unfortunately, most places may not accept payments by card out of the capital city. Having cash 30-50 AZN per person is recommended, depending on your expenses. Please keep in mind, you may need cash in Baku as well.
3. Never pay in currency other than AZN. By law, it is not allowed to do payment or accept payments in other currencies.
4. Never exchange your money places other than banks. Banks have better rates and they are only official institutions to do such operations.
5. Try to not use services that seem very cheap, most probably, there is something will be substituted with that and will cause financial loss.


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